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I. Introduction

A. Corporate History

Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. (WIM) was founded in 1986. During the course of its history, WIM has earned a reputation for quality service at reasonable prices. The company has grown from an organization strictly specializing in boiler repair to one that presently provides a full range of ship repair and commercial construction services. The services regularly range from the construction of a steam power plant for ICF Kaiser Hanford Company (as general contractor) to the dockside repair of the USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) in Bremerton, Washington. WIM has experienced and qualified personnel with proven abilities to effectively manage projects of any size. WIM has expended its resources to qualify its fabrication and welding procedures with the regulatory agencies of the US Navy, USCG, ABS, ASME, and NBIC. As a prime contractor WIM provides first-class project management of its own resources as well as those of its team of qualified and experienced subcontractors.

WIM’s corporate headquarters are located in Norfolk, VA. WIM has operational facilities in Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; San Diego, California; Norfolk, Virginia; Mobile, Alabama.

WIM personnel are experienced in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • Complete overhaul and repair of both main and auxiliary boilers
  • Structural, fabrication, erection, modification and repair
  • Machinery/mechanical/hydraulic equipment overhaul and repair
  • Condenser, heat exchanger overhaul and repair
  • Piping System fabrication, modification and repair

B. Corporate Experience—Marine

Successfully Completed Contracts (click for link)

II. Capabilities

A. Structural/Mechanical/Hydraulic

  • Complete Main and Auxiliary Boiler Overhaul and Repair
  • Complete Hull and Structural Modification and Repair
  • Distilling Plants
  • Condensers / Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps, Piping Systems and Valves
  • Machinery / Hydraulic Installation and Repair
  • *US Navy, USCG, ABS, ASME, NBIC Welding—Pressure Vessel Qualifications

B. Project Management

The key to success for projects of any size is experienced project management. Project management begins with a sound original plan and culminates with the successful on-time completion of the project.

  1. Planning
    Development of a project plan determines the resources (manpower, material, subcontractors, etc.) required to complete the Project on schedule and within planned budgetary constraints. The first step toward successful project is the formulation of a Baseline plan. The Baseline Plan identifies work to be accomplished (Activities) and monitoring points (Milestones) which can be used to effectively manage progress on a project. The number of Activities and Milestones on a given project depends on both the size and complexity of the project work. At least one Activity will be established for each identifiable key increment of the Project. Man-hour budget by Activity and Activity duration requirements are determined in order to reasonably ascertain Manpower requirements.
  2. Scheduling
    When the Baseline plan is established, a Baseline Schedule can be developed. The Baseline Schedule considers the Baseline Plan, but also assigns calendar dates to each Activity. Most Activities have Predecessor and Successor Activities, that is, there are activities that must be completed before the next sequential work activity can start. Schedule development considers these factors as well as the allowable duration for each Activity. When all Milestones, and durations have been identified and inserted into the Schedule, it is possible to determine manpower and financial requirements during the course of the project. At this point, it becomes possible to determine the most effective manpower and resource management plan. All of this is accomplished by WIM’s key project personnel through the use of modern project planning and Management software. WIM utilizes its in-house Primavera P3 Scheduling program.
  3. Project/Program Implementation and Coordination
    A properly developed Schedule plays a vital role as an effective management tool. When delays and problems occur, impact can readily be determined. Project management can readily determine actions can be taken to avoid project delay (i.e.: reallocation of resources, work-around activities, overtime, etc.). It is used to track progress and performance to schedule and budget. It also provides an effective means with which to communicate with the customer.
  4. Computer Software
    The computer software which Walashek Industrial Marine, Inc. utilizes for project management is Primavera Project Planner (P3) or Microsoft Project, depending on customer preference.

Both programs provide the following capabilities:

  • Gantt Charts
  • Pert Charts
  • Production Logic Networks
  • Progress and Status Reports
  • Manpower Forecasts Monitoring Performance to Budget

Project management also utilizes Microsoft Excel, Access and Word software to enhance report management and correspondence with the customer. Financial accounting is accomplished via American Contractors software.

III. Corporate Key Personnel

  • Key Personnel at the Corporate Headquarters are:
  • Frank Walashek, CEO/President
  • Paula Walashek, Vice President
  • James Doud, Director of Operations
  • Dorothy Michaelson, Controller